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Men's League Information Package

Monday Night Men's League Weekly Events


Our Men's League prides itself on being more than just a golf league.  We encourage the members to join us in the clubhouse after their round to enjoy the social aspects of the league!

General Information 


  • Men's League runs from May 6th to September 23rd. (21 league rounds)

  • Most events are a tee-time start, with some shot-gun starts. For details, refer to the schedule

  • Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before your tee-time

  • Plan to arrive at least 45- 30 minutes before shotgun starts to avoid long waits at check-in.

  • Only the first 72 players will be accepted each week.  Registration will be capped at 80 league members.

  • All bookings will be online, opening on Tuesday at 12:30 pm for the following Monday.

  • All events are handicapped, using Golf Canada Handicap System, and adjusted as per the schedule indicates.

  • Players without an official Golf Canada handicap will be assigned a handicap of zero. 

  • It is imperative that you enter all rounds you play from any course throughout the year into the Golf Canada Handicapping System to maintain an accurate and fair handicap.


Loonie Holes / Prize Holes


  • Five proximity prizes of $50 ($250 per week) will be given out each week.

  • Zero - four additional hole prizes may be awarded during 18-hole events, pending league budget.

  • Other prize holes will be from donations,  as per availability. If you wish to donate, contact Mark Carlson at to text/call 780 722-3526.

  • Weeks 1-8 - Loonie Holes (aka Prize Holes) will be draw-based, where if you hit the green, hit the fairway, or make a one-putt, you enter your name in a draw with others who also achieved the requirement.

  • Week 9 forward - Loonie Holes will be proximity-based, where the best shot wins each week. Write your name on the proximity marker if you have beat the previous best shot.


 Book Your Own Twosome/Foursome Nights (Refer to Schedule)


  • On these scheduled nights, you may book with one, or three other league members whom you wish to play with. 

  • Please try to avoid booking as three as much as possible.

  • One player per team books online for the group.


2 Man Modified Alternate Shot


  • Each person plays their own tee-ball and together decides which ball they prefer to use.

  • Play alternate shot for the duration of the hole until the putt is holed and the score is marked. 

  • The team combined handicapped total is divided by 3 and used for net scoring.

  • Please enter the unadjusted gross score on the card.


2 Man Scramble


  • Each person plays their own tee-ball and decides which ball they prefer to use.

  • Each person then plays from the preferred ball until the hole is complete.

  • Team combined handicapped is divided by four and used for net scoring.

  • Please enter the unadjusted gross score on the card.


Low Net


  • Your score is based on your total unadjusted gross score minus your handicap.

4-Club Night

  • Each person plays with only 4 clubs. A putter is not required but is recommended and counts as a club.

The Tin Cup


The Tin Cup is a recognition trophy for the golfer who earned the most event points throughout the season.  Opportunities to earn points are available at all Monday events and the Men’s League Club Championship (100-point bonus is awarded per Monday and per special event attended).  For an event to have points awarded, a minimum of 12 players must complete the event (9 or 18 holes), or a minimum of 18 players must complete 7 holes (of a 9-hole event). Points are awarded in a system like the PGA's Fed Ex Cup.  This is tracked throughout the year, and the updated standings will be emailed each week.  The season-long series culminates in a four-week climax (where double, double, triple and triple points are available to help you move up in the standings), and a final playoff on September 16th (like the PGA’s Tour Championship) where the top 32 players will vie for Tin Cup glory.

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