4 Cheese Lasagna

Layered with homemade noodles and beefy tomato sauce. This comes paired with fresh,  homemade bread.

Serve 2-3 | $17.50 

Serve 6-7 | $32.50 

Classic Meatloaf.jpg

Classic Meatloaf

Tender and flavorful,  baked to perfection! This comes served with mashed potatoes, fresh bread and a vegetable.

Serve 2-3 | $16.50

Serve 6-7 | $30.00

Pot pie.jpg

Chicken Pot Pie

Hearty and wonderfully flavored creamy gravy, topped with puff pastery crust. Enjoy with fresh homemade bread.

Serve 2-3 | $17.50 

Serve 6-7 | $32.50 


Shepherd's Pie

This wholesome entrée is topped with cheesy mashed potatoes, served with fresh homemade bread.

Serve 2-3 | $16.50 

Serve 6-7 | $29.50 


Fresh Bread!

Large Loaf 


Note: All entree's include a small loaf.


Stuffed Cannelloni

Very tasty, 4 cheese and spinach stuffed inside homemade Cannelloni noodles with fresh bread.

Serve 2-3 | $17.50

Serve 6-7 | $32.50


Beef Stroganoff

This ultra rich and creamy dish is full of flavor! Served with homemade noodles, fresh bread.

Serve 2-3 | $16.50 

Serve 6-7 | $30.00 

Baked spaghetti 1.jpg

Baked Spaghetti 

Homemade fresh noodle combined with a marinara meat sauce and topped with a four cheese blend.

Serve 2-3 | $17.50 

Serve 6-7 | $32.50 

Image by Sarah Shaffer

Fresh Baking

Cinnamon Bun

6 pk | $15.00 

12 pk | $28.00 


6 pk | $9.00 

12 pk | $15.00 

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